The Way to Whipped Cream Perfection: Know What Cheesecake Factory Uses with our Dispensers and Chargers

The Way to Whipped Cream Perfection: Know What Cheesecake Factory Uses with our Dispensers and Chargers


Are you tired of inconsistent and poorly whipped cream on your desserts? Look no further because we’ve got the solution! Cheesecake Factory, a world-renowned restaurant, uses our whipped cream dispensers and chargers to achieve the perfect whipped cream texture every time. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the specifics of what Cheesecake Factory uses and how you can achieve the same results at home.

What Makes Our Dispensers and Chargers Special?

Our whipped cream dispensers are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. They’re designed to be easy to use and require minimal maintenance. The dispensers come in different sizes, so you can choose one based on your specific needs.

Our nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers are filled with 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide gas. They’re compatible with all standard whipped cream dispensers. The cartridges are made of high-grade steel, so they’re resistant to rust, corrosion, and any other forms of damage.

Why Nitrous Oxide Chargers?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that dissolves quickly in liquid and produces a foamy texture. It’s perfect for whipping cream because it adds volume and air to the cream, making it light and fluffy. Nitrous oxide also acts as a preservative, so your whipped cream will stay fresh longer.

The Cheesecake Factory’s Recipe for Success

The Cheesecake Factory uses heavy cream, granulated sugar, and pure vanilla extract in their whipped cream recipe. They mix these ingredients together until they reach a smooth consistency. Then, they pour the mixture into one of our whipped cream dispensers and add one of our nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers. They shake the dispenser for about half a minute, and voila! Perfectly whipped cream.

How to Get the Perfect Whipped Cream at Home

First, you’ll need to gather your ingredients: heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract. Combine these in a bowl and mix until the sugar dissolves. Then, pour the mixture into one of our whipped cream dispensers and add one of our nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers. Shake the dispenser for about half a minute and enjoy your perfectly whipped cream.

Tips and Tricks for Whipped Cream Perfection

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the perfect whipped cream every time:

– Use chilled cream and a chilled dispenser. This will make the cream whip faster and hold its shape longer.
– Don’t over-whip the cream. Over-whipping can lead to butter, and that’s not what we want.
– Use the right size dispenser. Don’t fill the dispenser more than 3/4 full, or you may experience leakage.
– Store your whipped cream dispenser and chargers in a cool, dry place. This will help them last longer.

Whipped Cream Variations

It’s fun to mix things up sometimes, so here are some variations on the classic whipped cream recipe:

– Add cocoa powder to make chocolate whipped cream.
– Add rum extract to make rum-flavored whipped cream.
– Add a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream to make Boozy whipped cream.


Whipped cream is a delicious addition to any dessert, but it can be tough to get it just right. Follow the tips and tricks outlined in this article, and you’ll have perfect whipped cream every time. And remember, our whipped cream dispensers and chargers are the same ones used by the Cheesecake Factory, so you know you’re getting the best. Happy whipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between store-bought whipped cream and homemade whipped cream?

Store bought whipped cream often contains preservatives and stabilizers, which aren’t always good for you. Homemade whipped cream is made from fresh ingredients and contains no added preservatives.

How do I clean my whipped cream dispenser?

To clean your whipped cream dispenser, remove any remaining cream and rinse it with hot water. Be sure to remove the tip and clean all parts of the dispenser thoroughly.

How many servings does one whipped cream charger make?

One whipped cream charger can make approximately 1 pint of whipped cream.

Can I use another type of gas in my whipped cream dispenser?

No, you should only use nitrous oxide gas in your whipped cream dispenser. Other gases may not be food-safe and can be dangerous if ingested.

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