The Truth Behind IHOP’s Famous Whipped Cream – What Whipped Cream Does IHOP Use?

The Truth Behind IHOP’s Famous Whipped Cream – What Whipped Cream Does IHOP Use?

As Aussies, we all love a good breakfast. And what’s breakfast without a heap of whipped cream on top? One place that’s known for its deliciously creamy whipped cream is IHOP. But what is the secret behind the perfect fluffy texture and sweet taste of IHOP’s whipped cream? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what whipped cream IHOP uses, and why it is so good!

What is IHOP?

Before we delve deep into the world of IHOP’s whipped cream, let’s first introduce you to the famous American pancake house, IHOP. IHOP, short for International House of Pancakes, is a breakfast chain with over 1650 locations worldwide. From pancakes, waffles, omelettes to mouthwatering desserts, IHOP has a dish for every breakfast lover out there. But what sets them apart from the rest is their perfectly whipped and sweetened cream. So, what whipped cream does IHOP use to make their dishes standout?

The Cream IHOP Uses

IHOP’s whipped cream is made with real heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and granulated sugar. Unlike other whipped creams that use heavy cream, IHOP uses heavy whipping cream. The extra fat content in heavy whipping cream helps create a rich and dense consistency when whipped, whereas heavy cream can produce a lighter and less dense consistency. The addition of vanilla extract and granulated sugar gives the cream its signature sweet aroma and taste.

How IHOP Makes its Whipped Cream

IHOP’s professional chefs use a commercial whipping machine to whip fresh heavy cream quickly and efficiently. The whipping machine’s rapid process helps to incorporate air into the cream, making it lighter and fluffier. The vanilla extract and granulated sugar are added at the end of the whipping process to make sure that they don’t affect the cream’s lightness.

What Makes IHOP’s Whipped Cream Different?

The secret behind IHOP’s famous whipped cream is in its consistency. The perfectly whipped cream has a texture that is light, airy, and dense, and it doesn’t become runny when left out for too long. IHOP’s cream is also not too sweet, allowing it to complement other sweet dishes perfectly. Moreover, the use of heavy whipping cream gives IHOP’s whipped cream a superior texture in comparison to other creams, making it stand out from the crowd.

Serving Suggestions for IHOP’s Whipped Cream

IHOP’s whipped cream can make any dish extraordinary. Whether you are topping off a stack of scrumptious pancakes, waffles, or sundaes, the perfect whipped cream is what makes them even better. IHOP is known for its large pancakes, so it’s no surprise that they use a lot of whipped cream on them. For any IHOP dish, a generous amount of whipped cream is a must-try.

How to Replicate IHOP’s Famous Whipped Cream

Now that you know what goes into IHOP’s perfect whipped cream, you may want to give it a try at home. You can replicate it by using heavy whipping cream, granulated sugar, and a few drops of vanilla extract. Once the heavy whipping cream reaches a peak, add the sugar and vanilla extract, and whip for a little longer till the cream forms stiff peaks. Voila! You have perfectly whipped cream, just like IHOP.

Important tips to keep in mind when whipping cream

Whipping cream may seem like an easy task, but a little mistake can ruin everything. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when whipping cream:

  • Make sure the heavy cream is chilled before whipping. A chilled cream will hold its shape better.
  • Do not over-whip the cream, as over-whipping can lead to butter formation.
  • Use a whisk or a mixer to prevent any lumps.

What Makes IHOP’s Whipped Cream so Popular?

IHOP’s whipped cream is more than just a topping for their pancakes and waffles. It is an experience with its thick, creamy, and slightly sweetened taste. IHOP’s chefs use their unique recipe to create this whipped cream in-house, allowing them to serve only the freshest and highest quality cream to their customers. No wonder their whipped cream has reached cult-like status, and every breakfast lover out there considers it a breakfast staple.

Whipped Cream Chargers and Dispensers – The Perfect Kitchen Companion

If you want to take your whipped cream game to the next level, invest in whipped cream chargers and dispensers. These little gadgets make whipping cream at home a breeze. All you have to do is add heavy whipping cream, add desired flavors, insert a charger, and shake the dispenser. The dispenser will create perfectly whipped cream in seconds, perfect for any dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heavy Whipping Cream, and where can I find it?

Heavy whipping cream is a type of dairy cream that has a butterfat content of 36-40%. You can find it at any grocery stores or supermarkets in Australia.

How long can I store whipped cream?

You can store whipped cream in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days.

Why does whipped cream separate when left out too long?

Whipped cream separates when left out too long because the water in the cream slowly evaporates, causing the air bubbles that were created during the whipping process to deflate.

Can I freeze whipped cream?

It’s not recommended to freeze whipped cream as it can cause the texture to become grainy when thawed.

Is IHOP’s whipped cream gluten-free?

Yes, IHOP’s whipped cream is gluten-free, making it safe for anyone with gluten intolerance to enjoy.


IHOP’s whipped cream is pretty amazing; with its perfect consistency and sweet aroma, it has made breakfasts and desserts unforgettable. Although replicating it at home may be a bit challenging, investing in whipped cream chargers and dispensers may solve all your problems. With all these fantastic tips, making perfect whipped cream at home may be a piece of cake. But, remember always to use high-quality cream, for a truly delightful experience.

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