Charged Up: Creative Cream Chargers Recipes to Delight Your Taste Buds

Charged Up: Creative Cream Chargers Recipes to Delight Your Taste Buds

Nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers are not just for making traditional whipped cream. You can get very creative with these kitchen tools and make a variety of desserts that will wow your guests. In this article, we explore some unique recipes that you can try using whipped cream chargers and dispensers.

The Basics of Cream Chargers and Whippers

To get started, let’s discuss what a cream charger and whipper are. A cream charger is a small, disposable metal container filled with nitrous oxide gas. These chargers are inserted into a whipped cream dispenser, which releases the gas into the cream to create whipped cream. The dispenser comes with various tips that allow you to create different designs of whipped cream.

1. Coffee-flavored whipped cream

If you love coffee, this recipe is for you. Infuse your whipped cream with coffee for a rich, bold flavor. To make it, start by brewing a strong cup of coffee. Add that coffee to your whipped cream dispenser, along with heavy cream and sugar to taste. Charge the dispenser with one cream charger, shake vigorously, and dispense the coffee-flavored whipped cream over your favorite dessert or coffee drink.

2. Sweet and Tangy Lemon Meringue

Why not try something on the tangy side? A lemon meringue is a perfect dessert for those who love a balance of sweet and tangy. Begin by whipping up a batch of lemon curd. Once made, fill a whipped cream dispenser with heavy cream, a little sugar, and the lemon curd. Charge with your cream charger, shake and voila! You have sweet and tangy lemon meringue!

3. Watermelon infused whipped cream

Watermelon lovers will love this recipe. Create a delicious dessert for those warm summer nights by infusing your whipped cream with watermelon. Add chopped and pureed watermelon to your whipped cream dispenser, along with sugar to taste and heavy cream. Charge with your cream charger, shake, and you have the perfect watermelon-infused whipped cream! Top your favorite summer dessert with it or eat it straight out of the dispenser.

4. Spiced Chai Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love chai spice? Take your whipped cream to another level with spiced chai flavor. To prepare it, you will need heavy cream, sugar, and chai spice. Combine the ingredients in your whipped cream dispenser, charge with one cream charger, and shake vigorously.

5. Topping with a Twist

You heard that right, the twist is infusing your whipped cream with whiskey. If you want to create rich and boozy whipped cream, try this recipe. Start by adding heavy cream, sugar, and your whiskey of choice to your whipped cream dispenser. Charge with the cream charger, shake, and your whipped cream is ready. Serve it along with pies, cakes or any other dessert.

6. Peanut Butter Cup Whipped Cream

Who doesn’t love a peanut butter cup! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this combination of peanut butter and whipped cream. To make it, puree your favorite brand of peanut butter in a blender and add it to heavy cream and sugar in your whipped cream dispenser. Charge, shake and you have rich and decadent peanut butter whipped cream. Serve chilled, over cakes, cupcakes, or even spread on top of toast!


Q. Can I use any type of cream for whipped cream?

Yes, you can use any kind of cream with your whipped cream dispenser. Heavy cream is the most commonly used type of cream, but you can use half-and-half or light whipping cream if you prefer.

Q. Can I use a whipped cream dispenser to make meringues?

No, a whipped cream dispenser is not designed for making meringues. You need to use an electric mixer for meringues as the volume of eggs whites requires the machine to run for a longer time.

Q. How do you clean the whipped cream dispenser?

To clean your whipped cream dispenser, remove any leftover whipped cream and wash the inside of the bottle with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.

Q. Can you reuse a whipped cream charger?

No, whipped cream chargers are single-use. After a charger is used, it must be recycled.


Whipped cream chargers and dispensers are not just used for traditional whipped cream. There are many different recipes you can try, from watermelon-infused whipped cream to whiskey-infused whipped cream. With a little creativity, you can create some unique and delicious desserts. Experiment with different flavors and have fun!

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